Wedding Invitation

Design Week Winner: Print Communications
Fresh Awards: Gold: Copywriting

Copy reads:

Rix and Gleeson began their partnership in Manchester’s Northern Quarter after meeting through mutual friends. Early collaborations included the controversial First Kiss (2007, Dale Street), which was widely panned by critics due to its glorification of alcohol. It wasn’t until First House (2008, Bricks and Mortar) that the art world began to take the couple seriously, and both Tour of Asia (2010-2011, Rice, Flying Frogs, Spring Rolls) and Engagement (2011, Pork, Pastry, Teacup Ring) received universal acclaim.

In Wedding Invitation Rix and Gleeson celebrate their mutual love for each other through the medium of concrete, which is widely believed to be a metaphor for something really, really profound. The piece symbolises their wedding at Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 22nd June, 2013, to which they request the company of [name], [name] and [name].

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Adam Rix