Simon Griffin

  • Writer
  • Leeds, GB

Author of Fucking Good Manners out November 2019). Fucking Apostrophes – A Guide To Show You Where To Stick Them (November 2016).

Have you ever driven for hours through the snow, just for one kiss with the girl you secretly love?

Or crawled to your freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling foulness, then held your arms to the heavens as the rain falls down on you?

Have you ever united a college team of mixed-race American Football players with a rousing speech at dawn on the battlefields of Gettysberg?

Or felt that there’s so much beauty in the world, that you can’t take it?

Have you ever been so desperate to hold the one you love with your own hands, but you can’t because your own hands were replaced by a strange collection of scissors and knives by an old, eccentric scientist?

No. Nor have I.

But if you need some copy writing, I might be able to help.